The good people of #FDroid have updated the app and I must say it is looking better than ever.

A munch needed visual upgrade welcomes the application to the 1.0 release.

F-Droid is an awesome open-source repository of #FLOSS applications for #Android devices. You can check them out here:


@Jbastardov @ConnyDuck It sure looks flashy, but I find it very distracting to scroll through the list of apps when I didn't before. IMHO it's a UI nightmare that apps are shown in literally three different sizes, pattern repeated again and again, not depending on app but just randomly featuring some of them? I dunno, I literally can't concentrate.
Is there a setting to turn this off?

@ConnyDuck @natanji no setting for turning it off, you could just concentrate on the Categories view that has a more consistent form, or outright install the previous version of the app and don't update.

I see what you mean, but it doesn't personally bothers me ATM.

I do mind other quirks, like that in the bigger cards for apps their icons are horribly stretched-out and look in low-res.

@Jbastardov @ConnyDuck @natanji
Yeah, a bit rough around the edges atm. I'm guessing it's a work in progress atm. But a huge step in a good direction, I'd say

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