Transition (+), sex mention 

Thanks for all the advice a few days ago. I'm feeling much better by now, even finally had the courage to order my first ever bras that don't come with bags for protheses... ^^;

I do think I need to give my enby side more room somehow, but being a woman is just... incredibly good for me.

(Also I was really euphoric when my partner fondled my breasts during sex this Tuesday, it's UNREAL how large they've gotten and how they can now be gripped and squeezed and... wow)

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Transition doubts (-), advice welcome 

Have I just learned that gender isn't as important to both me and the world at large as I had thought before, that transitioning just doesn't really make as much of a difference to my life as I thought?

Or did I peehaps have very good reasons back then to start this transition, but just no longer feel those, precisely *because* I transitioned and all that got better and is out of my mind by now?

This is all very confusing. Do any of you feel this way?

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Transition doubts (-), advice welcome 

Don't misunderstand me: I don't have any inclination to detransition either, because living as a man would absolutely not make me happier. It's not like I miss it in any way. It's more like I don't get the point why I even did all this?

And that is suuuuper weird, right?

Is this perhaps my nonbinary/genderqueer feels coming through and reminding me that "woman" is still just as wrong as "man" was, despite me thinking it was closer to what I am?

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Transition doubts (-), advice welcome 

Transitioning itself was a rollercoaster. But I liked the process. It felt like making progress: It felt amazing that people changed pronouns for me, called me by a new name. It felt great to decide for myself that I wanted HRT, to notice that my body was indeed reacting to it, changing.

But I... kinda don't feel euphoric about living as a woman anymore?

It's like from my current point of view I don't even get what was so horrible about living as a man?! 😱

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Transition doubts (-), advice welcome 

I'm actively transitioning since around 3 years now, the last year of which I've also been on HRT.

But recently I have felt really doubtful about the whole thing and whether it is/was right for me...

I don't feel happier living as a woman. Or maybe I do, but I no longer have the point of reference from a few years ago so I just can't tell?

It just seems utterly pointless to me on many of these days. Like I put so much energy into this and... for what?

could be lewd, could be wholesome 

I have several friends who perform as Santa Claus throughout December.

Honestly, getting a private session at a christmas party with a Santa who has honed their christmas cheer chortles and patter, sat on their knee, asked what do you want for christmas little girl, and getting to be bratty back.. honestly its such an amazing treat.

butch trans women please continue to post selfies

Naked mom in bathtub, chubby, semi-visible surgical scar 

The water is still warm, but the bubbles are almost gone!

This is part of my Weekly Wednesdays set for my Patreon! Support me for as little as a dollar a month and get access!

sex, libido changes on HRT, advice? 

I want to very much stay a sexual person. And I still wouldn't turn down sex if someone else initiated, but recently I can't really bring myself to initiate. Or even just to masturbate.

Do I no longer feel sexy with myself? Or is there something else blocking me from tapping into my sexual energy?

Do I just need to relearn how sex even works on low-T? Any advice would be appreciated.


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sex, libido changes on HRT, advice? 

So my T levels have been way down since 3 months now (on 5mg Cypro) and while I do enjoy no longer having the constant urge to masturbate... the degree to which I've become uninterested in sexual activity is starting to really bother me.

I see myself as a person who really likes sex. It's not just a fun and creative activity, it's also a way of emotionally connecting with my partners. And right now it doesn't happen much anymore. It doesn't feel good. (1/x)

I will not stand for this.
I'll just lie down instead.

Check out the cover of MMM2 behind the cut (moderate NSFW) 

I wanted to separate this out so I could content warning this part separately, but yo, check out the rad job Angrboda did with the cover!

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I'm thrilled to announce that Morphological Monster Manual 2 is now available! 80+ pages of 4 hot #TF stories, with start, end and mid-TF pics from @angrboda
More info here:
Get it for $10 here:
Boosts appreciated!

#noncon #nonconvember #kink, Fiktion, Threadstart 

Die #Kinktober-Beiträge haben Einvernehmlichkeit zelebriert, jetzt im #nonconvember dreht sich alles um nicht-einvernehmliche Fantasien.
Das Prinzip ist gleich: Es gibt Prompts, und ich fülle die Prompts mit Kürzest-Geschichten.
Diesmal werde ich die Geschichten nicht auf Mastodon posten, sondern auf einem Blog sammeln:
Die einzelnen Posts sind passwortgeschützt und haben optionale CNs.


i just got a prescription for these shots that'll make me the cutest monster

If more dick pics actually looked well composed and fewer were sent unsolicited, I think we'd all have a better and healthier relationship to penises.

@johnrandom I love Mastodon sexuality where covering your dick in slime and posting it on the internet is first base and platonic hand holding is a home run

gdi the new contrapoints is rly good and also somehow highlights a lot of topical things rn for me such as the importance of being called good girl good girl g̵o̷o̵d̸ ̸g̴i̸r̸l̴g̵o̷o̵d̸ ̸g̴i̸r̸l̴ g̶̼̫̘͎̱̓͊͂̈̕͜͝ò̸͇̣̖̠̓̑̃̀̈́͝͝ǫ̶̲̹͎͓̱͕̬̂d̶̨̗̫̥͍̟̑̅́͆̇̾͐͆͘ ̴̙̱̰͈̠̪̫̻͐͑̾̈́́͊ǵ̸̝̺̇̔̾i̶̙̪̯͖̦͎̫̬̾̊̀̇̉̊͐̅͘r̵̩̬͙͚̋̐̐̏̈́͛͘͠l̶̘̲͔̘͈̬̣̈͑̇͋̕

Google women's walkout 

Women workers at #google stage a walkout over the tech behemoth's handling of sexual misconduct cases. Google gave an accused executive a $90 million golden parachute

halloween meme 

he wins, everyone else go home

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