Good news: 44,583 usable responses!

Bad news: Responses alone use 4,592,255 cells on Google Sheets, which is 92% of the 5m cell limit, before I even start writing formulae to count everything!

Good news: I've split it into one Sheet per question, and the data is now processed!

Bad news: This means I will definitely have to (*gulp*) learn new software and maybe even upgrade my computer in order to handle next year's responses, assuming they increase at a similar rate.

Good news: Maybe tomorrow I can start writing up the worldwide report for 2021??

Please note, this is very optimistic, I may not manage it because I have a LOT of fatigue today. On the other hand, it might be a pretty effective way to keep me resting on the sofa. 🤔

I wish I could somehow crowdfund "Cassian learns a new software" - no amount of money will make my brain do the thing, you know?

On that note! Statisticians, can you help out?

I'm going to need some software that can handle a LOT of calculations on a fairly average computer, involving probably 50,000 survey responses. The most important factor is user-friendliness.

Any recommendations?


@jessmahler @gendercensus @danielscardoso I haven't used it myself, but this might be a good fit with Jamovi

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@naga @jessmahler @gendercensus
The typical recommendation would be SPSS or pspp but I honestly don't know from the above if it matches the requirements. On SPSS I've worked on tables with about 1k variables and 130k respondents.

@danielscardoso @jessmahler @gendercensus Yeah, if SPSS is affordable. I went with Jamovi to avoid recommending R itself, plus the spreadsheet interface.

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