agents of shield 

I was really enjoying this season of Agents of SHIELD but the villain is just an incel who is upset about being blocked in a future that is not happening.


agents of shield, s7e10 spoilers 

@Alexis Yeah. The time-hopping and call-backs are a lot of fun, but the villain is terrible. Leaves a bad taste as the series ends.

And May showed up out of nowhere and *winged* him? Just before Daisy was going to obliterate him? Sloppy writing just to keep him alive.

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agents of shield, s7e10 spoilers 

@naga Like I said, I'm enjoying the show, and the time travel stuff, flipping back through the show's history, that's all great, but it's very much despite the villain, not because of him. He's just a boring loser!

I was briefly hopeful they were gonna kill him off right there so the last couple episodes could be focused on something else...

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