Can't really say I've knowingly patronized any Disney outlets in the last 10-15 years. But knowing that they're greedy and selfish enough to reopen their fucking theme park right now makes me feel affirmed for that. πŸ–•

I know about Marvel. Who else do I need to avoid completely to make sure I'm not tossing any pennies at the Monsanto of entertainment?

@xenophora some well known subsidiaries and major sponsors include:

ABC, 20th Century Fox, Hyperion Books, ESPN, Coca-Cola, NestlΓ©, McDonald's

@norikawa @xenophora Yeah. For direct subsidiaries, ABC, Fox/FX studios (excluding Fox news, but...), ESPN, Marvel, Lucasfilm, National Geographic, A&E networks (including History Channel). I think that's most of them.

@naga @norikawa

Thanks. It's good to know I can rebrand my laziness, bad financial planning, and short attention span as social justice and a commitment to public health. ;) #FuckDisney


@xenophora @norikawa BTW, Monsanto is owned by Bayer . . .

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@naga @norikawa

I can't keep up! πŸ™€

Everyone please bootleg and steal both entertainment and meds for the greater good wordlwide. 🀷

@naga @xenophora @norikawa Bayer made Zyklon-B when it was part of IG Farben... so I stay away from that one off principle...

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