I know this is a cold take, but UI developers: The opposite of "yes" is not "not right now."

@naga Remember when "remind me later" was a box you could tick?

@greatjoe Also considered the opposite of "yes" by developers!

@naga This was back in the early noughties, the dialog box was always OK/Cancel with an empty checkbox for reminders.

We'd had this nailed down, becoming less convenient was a conscious decision.

@naga It's as hot a take as every morning at 9, my Mac whines at me for updates that will never be accepted.

@naga "You scrolled! I thought that was _the signal_..."

My favourites are the "By visiting this website..." ones. How can I know before visiting that my visiting may indicate consent for something?

At least those website indicate the loss of your privacy. Other website just do it.

@naga just put a single "acknowledge" button that they must click, otherwise they can't close the popup.

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