Can't get warm today.

After I tapped up the heat, the thermostat is at a setting where I'd normally be sitting around in gym shorts (I run warm, it's a CFS thing).

I'm fully dressed and wearing a heavy bathrobe over it, and still cold.


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@naga oh no! Hope you can warm up soon!
For me, that's usually the first sign of a cold.

*sends a cup of your preferred hot beverage*

@pink_ink Thanks. Finally got warm.

Hoping you're mistaken about the portent!

Aw, I'm sorry. I have a similar problem- maybe related to diabetes, idk, but my feet have been prone to being too cold for the past few years, and now my hands have started. I actually bought a pair of liner gloves to wear upstairs in the evening and sometimes to bed. I run hot otherwise!

@lindentreeisle Diabetes certainly can do that.

I'm not diabetic at last check, but after I was up at 4am, I needed socks to go back to sleep!

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