Two days ago, we opened up the wooden train set got from the in-laws when he was much too young for it.

Apparently, he's the perfect age now. Doesn't want to do much else but play with it!

He's still just learning pretend play. It's so much fun to play with it with him, or just watch him.

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It's by Melissa & Doug, but it's Brio-style, so there will be tons of compatible cheap accessories.

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I feel very strongly about wooden trains.

VERY strongly


@aldersprig Father-in-law is a major model-train buff. I suspect we'll see metal trains at too young an age, too, but right now this is perfect!

@naga Some day, SOME DAY, I will have the room for a proper model train setup.

@naga When my kid brother (7y younger) got a wooden train as a toddler, I was sooooo jealous that I didn't have one. It's like 25 years later and I still feel the same way.

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