The Fediverse September selection is the novella, The Black God's Drums, by P. Djèlí Clark. It got 9 votes last month, so I'm not bothering with a poll this month.

To participate, just use and follow the club hashtag, and use CWs that specify what part of the book any spoilers might cover.

As always, we have a crowd-funded account to help people who want to participate but might not be able to otherwise. Just contact me directly if this is you.

@naga wait aaaah I love SSF but I dunno how to follow a hashtag? :x


@yeenbean Are you using the web interface? You do a search for and all posts with the tag will open in a column. Then, optionally, you can pin the column so it will stay held open to keep following it.

(To pin a column, click on the settings icon on the top right of the column, and you'll see the option. You'll also have the option to move the column among the permanent ones.)

Did that help?

Mobile apps should generally follow fairly similarly.

@naga I am! And, I guess I knew you could pin columns but I wasn't sure if there was another way to follow ^_^;

The interface looks weird when I add columns :x

@yeenbean Yep. Just move it over all the way to the right and you'll only see the column when you look for it.

@naga when I add a column it won't let me push it all the way to the right, so instead a column I use ends up slightly off screen instead

@yeenbean When you open the column settings, there are < > signs to shift the columns around.

@naga yes I understand it will not let me put it as the right most column tho

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