I want to like because I stan Katee Sackhoff, but it has lines in the pilot like, "drop the frequency to 1 hertz per second."

That's before we talk about the "dark matter" problem.

Gave up after episode 1.

Oh, well. We still have BSG and Longmire.

@naga Longmire takes some time to warm up. The first seasons were on A&E, and they're extremely formulaic and predictable.

It's okay until it gets better, so it's worth the wait.

@Kye True, but we enjoyed them. Formula has its place. Then A&E canceled it on a cliffhanger, saying they were getting out of the scripted TV business...

male gaze reply, Longmire 

male gaze reply, Longmire 


@naga I almost stopped watching Expanse when they were like: "We only have fuel for half way to Jupiter" (and I was in KSP phase then, and I was all like: "This is NOT how orbital manoeuvrers work!").

@naga Kerball Space Program. Game where main mechanics is building and flying rockets.

@jacek I don't feel bad for missing that reference . . .

@naga I feel kinda sorta bad for playing the game, after a
I learned that original developers were paid a dime, and were fired when game become successful (I did not research it too much so might be not entirely true). Apart from that game is great, and taught me more on orbital mechanics thab degree in Physics.

@naga 1hz per second is a tip of an iceberg. This show is so bad it might be "so bad it is good". #AnotherLife

@jacek "There might be a black hole, for all we know!"

@naga Ditto. There is not enough Katee Sackhoff in my life. But I’m not going to put myself through something that teaches me to cringe at the same time she is on screen.
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