sffbookclub meta crowdfund 

The Mastodon crowd-fund is again operational on @Liberapay at

When Liberapay had problems last month, I withdrew the balance to date. I have just set what I withdrew (less the processing fee) to go back into the fund over the next month, at which time I will resume my own regular contribution.

As always, PM me if you need help affording the club selection or want more information about contributing.

Thank you!

sffbookclub meta crowdfund 

@naga Hey, is this fund getting used? I don't need details if it is - I just got a reminder from liberapay and as long as it is being used I'll re-up.

sffbookclub meta crowdfund 

@eldang Some, not much. I just re-upped, but there's a good cushion in it at this point.

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