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sffbookclub meta crowdfund 

The Mastodon crowd-fund is again operational on @Liberapay at

When Liberapay had problems last month, I withdrew the balance to date. I have just set what I withdrew (less the processing fee) to go back into the fund over the next month, at which time I will resume my own regular contribution.

As always, PM me if you need help affording the club selection or want more information about contributing.

Thank you!

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* Quantitative research methods and statistics
* Accessing scientific articles from paywalled journals
* Frank discussion of mental health, specifically including bipolar disorder and anxiety disorders
* D/s relationships and select other kinky stuff
* Polyam relationships, specifically with D/s
* To-do-list management strategies

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I'm Naga. A statistical consultant by training and trade, but more here for general social interaction, especially geeky, sometimes sexy/kinky, and occasionally left-wing political. Oh, and new-dad stuff. Dragonlet is my toddler, Jalan is my wife.

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We still need moderators for #SummerSchool

We only have 9 people signed up to moderate, and we have 20 presentations. Moderators are key to the conference.

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SFFBookClub nominations wanted 

I want to open the July #SFFBookClub poll in a couple of days, so if you have any books you'd like to nominate just let me know.

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game designer passing, birdsite link 

Just heard about the passing of Andrew Hackard (the "Munchkin Tzar"). Saddened to hear about this. Sending love to the friends, family, and Munchkin community writ large. He will definitely be missed.

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Mike Lindell, facial-hair stereotyping 

@naga I have a big curly handlebar.

But yeah, cops and Mike Lindell has a very specific mustache type that communicates I'm totally sketch.

Mike Lindell, facial-hair stereotyping 

(this is about appearance, but a voluntary aspect)

(also probably specific to US)

Unless you're in a job that doesn't allow you to grow a beard, growing a mustache and no beard gets you my side-eye.

A good fraction of the jobs that allow mustaches but not beards also get you my side-eye.

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I know the pandemic has sucked for varying degrees for everyone, but how is people's reading going? Do you need peer pressure?

In short, I am asking if there is ANY interest in reviving the #YAMGBookClub relatively soonish in the future.

If you don't know what those letters mean, I originally intended it to be a Young Adult or Middle Grade book every month, preferably from diverse perspectives, and we would post about the books, love or hate, just engage genuinely.

HMU if you're interested

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Juneteenth a US Federal Holiday 

US House quickly follows #Senate to make #Juneteenth, the anniversary of the end of slavery in the US, a national holiday; Biden's signature is assured.

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A prime minister is not divisible by any minister except themself

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Using a heart rate monitor (HRM) to better manage #MECFS

New post talking about how using a HRM is changing my behaviour & will hopefully bring some improvement to my ME symptoms.

Yes, this was the reason for all my questions about Heart Rate Monitors a couple of months ago :)

#MyalgicEncephalomyelitis #ChronicIllness #Disability


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Does anyone know anyone who might be interested in purchasing a collection of vintage HP calculators? My wife's parents have a friend who's looking to unload and would prefer to sell direct rather than going through Ebay

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request for book recs, boosts welcome 

Hi all!

One of my dear friends has a child who is beginning to question their gender identity (specifically, they have questions about what it means to be nonbinary, as they believe that they may be!).

Her kiddo is eleven and is looking for books about coming out as nonbinary and support/affirmation for those that are.

Book recs for mom and kid would be greatly appreciated. ty!

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Review of The Republic of Thieves by Scott Lynch 

Score: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ (5/5)

A return to form for the series!

* We meet Sabetha! She's well developed character in addition to being Locke's obsession.
* Locke's love blunders are masterfully depicted & invoke nice, fluffy schadenfreude feeling.
* Two story-lines (historic & contemporary) are both enjoyable & intertwine nicely.

* Locke's origin story feels tacked-on as a hook for a sequel that is yet to materialize 8 years later.

#sff #review

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@WizardOfDocs is queer-owned and has *all* the Pride merch, at reasonable costs.

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Whom to follow in the Fediverse for Latin-language content?
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I'm frustrated by folks in the U.S. community college system who emphasize that students need to learn 'time management.' A ton of our students must juggle full-time work, family care, & other tasks. They quite simply don't have time. Let's not force students to somehow magically create a 25th hour in the day. Let's figure out as colleges how to deal with students who have no time.

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I usually use a Mac with an iPad for WFH, but now that I’m back to reality, I’m using a Windows work desk top.

Any ideas on Windows PC + iPad workflow?

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I've been using Zotero for years. It has all these tools that I rarely use: notes, tags, related etc.

Does anyone have good resources (or just personal suggestions) on how to get more out of Zotero?

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star wars: "A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away..."

me: got it, it's a fairy tale

nerds: tv show contradicts this comic from 2015

me: there's a princess, a knight, a good wizard, an evil wizard

nerds: clearly nobody making this cares

me: yoda's a little goblin

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