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sffbookclub meta crowdfund 

The Mastodon crowd-fund is again operational on @Liberapay at

When Liberapay had problems last month, I withdrew the balance to date. I have just set what I withdrew (less the processing fee) to go back into the fund over the next month, at which time I will resume my own regular contribution.

As always, PM me if you need help affording the club selection or want more information about contributing.

Thank you!

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* Quantitative research methods and statistics
* Accessing scientific articles from paywalled journals
* Frank discussion of mental health, specifically including bipolar disorder and anxiety disorders
* D/s relationships and select other kinky stuff
* Polyam relationships, specifically with D/s
* To-do-list management strategies

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I'm Naga. A statistical consultant by training and trade, but more here for general social interaction, especially geeky, sometimes sexy/kinky, and occasionally left-wing political. Oh, and new-dad stuff. Dragonlet is my toddler, Jalan is my wife.

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A little good news, at least: the Havasupai tribe has been able to stay free of COVID, and their drive for donations to assist them since they can't welcome tourists is still going on. Please boost and/or assist if you can. Thanks.

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Potion of Tarrasque Summoning

Tarrasque is summoned to the location of the potion when imbibed. This is invariably fatal to the drinker as well as everyone in the room, building, and greater metro area in which the potion was used.

Best administered by mail. #DnD

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normalize just doing silly shit tbh

don't shut people down for "being childish". being an adult fucking sucks let people be a bit silly ok the world is not ending over this

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Full collection of Avasarala Chrisjen quotes from The Expanse here:

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Does anyone have anything more than anecdotal info for the temperature cutoffs for tomatoes setting fruit? I see lots of authorities saying things like "when it gets over 90F", but anecdotally we have them set fruit at least part way through June which averages > 90F for the whole month. That makes me think the cutoff is slightly higher. If the true cutoff is 95 then that would be the difference between 9/5 and 9/24 for them to start setting again in the fall. #gardening

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Looking at some of the / slash-and-burn.

Looks like AT&T doesn't know where the ideas for their movies and series of the late '20s are supposed to be germinating.

It's finally supposed to drop below 70F/21C tomorrow night! First time since June.

Parenting in a pandemic 

Struggling to get a login set up for to be able to "attend" school Monday morning.

The teachers got *four* (paid) workdays to get trained on the learning management system, set up their "rooms," contact parents, etc., before attendance starts being taken.

That's after the workdays and school start were moved forward a week.

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I made another thing for #DnD and other 5e games!

Mox's Marvelous Guide to Magical Books

(This is a sequel to my Potions supplement with a similar name.)

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Finished listening to Record of a Spaceborn Few by Becky Chambers 

SO GOOD! 😀 I definitely shed some tears at the end.

It's a fun and cozy character-centered novel about a handful of characters on a fleet of spaceships, and it accessibly and powerfully engages with themes of cultural diversity, death and grief, the meaning of work, and the meaning and purpose of life.

#sff #books

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I don't think I have many followers who can answer this so RT and spread it around! I'm curious.

If you live in the US and roots in Taiwan, how do you identify?

Working for the first time in a full week. Light stuff.

Feels like Tony is compensating for something here.

(This was part of a set Jalan got me for my birthday)

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US pol, birtherism, US history, racism 

Birtherism is rearing it's head again (is anyone surprised?)

So I want to talk a bit about the 14th amendment, what it means, and why it exists. We'll be taking some detours into Dred Scott and the 13th as well.

Okay, the 14th amendment is the amendment that says who is (and implicitly determines who is NOT) a citizen.

(It covers a bunch of other stuff as well, actually. But for our purposes today, that's the bit that matters.)


Mental health, psych meds, lewd, vague 

One thing about messing up my bipolar meds is now I'm super-horny again for the first time all Summer. The heat's been so bad.

Hospitalization, psych meds, addictive/abusable drugs 

Related, I'm pretty sure I'm paying now for their lackadaisical approach to getting me back on all my psych meds promptly.

One of them was impossible--a horse pill that I literally could not swallow while the tube was in, and came in no other forms.

Ugh. It was a bad night.

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COVID-19, request for PPE recs 

Work is now requiring us to wear face shields in addition to masks. They're providing them, which is great, but the ones they've given are super cheap and extremely reflective. I do a lot of detailed microscopy work, so this is less than ideal.

Anyone have recs for a face shield that doesn't suffer from the optical/visual distortion that the really cheap ones do? Something with an antireflective coating, preferably. Boosts OK.

Thanks all!

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I'm going to attempt to shape my quarantine dad bod up a bit over the next three, four months.

Anyone with a similar desire who wants to start an honesty & accountability circle?

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Hey y'all, I just saw that Disability Studies Quarterly is looking for an assistant editor to work about 250 hours for the year with a 5k stipend

I'll post pictures with more information, but they said the job is best suited for a grad student interested in writing in disability studies or a related field

I thought some people on here may be interested

I've read several of their issues and it's a great journal, and all available for free online!

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