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sffbookclub meta crowdfund 

The Mastodon crowd-fund is again operational on @Liberapay at

When Liberapay had problems last month, I withdrew the balance to date. I have just set what I withdrew (less the processing fee) to go back into the fund over the next month, at which time I will resume my own regular contribution.

As always, PM me if you need help affording the club selection or want more information about contributing.

Thank you!

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* Quantitative research methods and statistics
* Accessing scientific articles from paywalled journals
* Frank discussion of mental health, specifically including bipolar disorder and anxiety disorders
* D/s relationships and select other kinky stuff
* Polyam relationships, specifically with D/s
* To-do-list management strategies

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I'm Naga. A statistical consultant by training and trade, but more here for general social interaction, especially geeky, sometimes sexy/kinky, and occasionally left-wing political. Oh, and new-dad stuff. Dragonlet is my toddler, Jalan is my wife.

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Could I get some recomendations for horror made by bipoc folx? Or be pointed towards good resources to find such things. Preferably queer but it doesn't have to be.

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US pol, COVID-19 surrender 

"Their only strategy at this point is praying for a vaccine." -- Aaron Rupar

That pretty much sums it up. Herd immunity is the same thing. The strategy is don't do anything and hope for a miracle cure/preventative. You can see that in Trump's continual jumping on one miracle cure after another, from Hydroxychloroquine to bleach to whatever.

But there's a deeper reason, ideologically -- the right doesn't want to help people.

#uspol #coronavirus #COVID19

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Vader: Obi Wan never told you what happened to your father.
Luke: Stop it. I'm tired of your lies.
Vader: Hi, Tired Of Your Lies. I'm Dad.

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Any artists on here selling face masks on Society6?

Their mask pattern fits my face the best out of any I've tried. I've bought from two artists on the fediverse, and I bet there are more!


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neopronoun users, I'm curious - was there anything in particular that drew you to those neopronouns over others? I'd love to hear about it!!

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One genre of news that I hate is "unimportant person proposes something batshit insane, this has already been dismissed out of hand but you don't find out until the very last line".

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If anyone needs Windows 10 Pro retail licenses, PCWorld Software Store has them available for $40 for a little over a day yet.

I activated a machine that had come with Home with one of these keys, and Windows is reporting (via `slmgr /dli`) that it’s a retail channel key.

Finished this. It was fantastic. by

Book content notes: parental death, racism (viewpoint character is African American teen girl), historic slavery.

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"Apparently Achilles and Patroclus are an item? " - my husband, who is several thousand years behind on celebrity gossip.

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Someone on today's Jeopardy guessed "Bill and Ted's Bogus Journey" for a clue to which the correct response was Ingmar Bergman's "The Seventh Seal" and that's, that's certainly a guess

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There have been a few decisions in the past year I can't imagine getting through 2020 without:

- Deciding to take up art
- Starting to learn Latin
- SFFBookClub

Best choices I've made in a long time.

Why is it over 80F/27C? And humid? It's late October, dammit.

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I'm also very pleased to report that we have revised our GRE position. For the past few years we've had a "GRE optional" position.

But starting this year, in keeping with our commitment to promoting equity and accessibility, we do not include evaluation of GRE scores in our admissions process.

GRE scores will not be considered even if sent.
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me: I wonder if you can buy that Chidi calendar (from the last episode of The Good Place)
kurt: you should check!
the internet: ✨ 🍽️ ✨

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anyone have access to _The sign of the cannibal: Melville and the making of a postcolonial reader_ by geoffrey sanborn as a pdf/epub? (looks like it might be only available as a print book? i can access it as an ebook but can't download it and would ideally like to be able to)

Got my shingles vaccine!

(I think I've had the older one, but the new one is signficantly more effective. And having had a "mild" shingles outbreak in my 20s . . ..)

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Yes, this paid work, by the way. You would be hired as a freelancer by the firm she works for.

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My sister is looking for experienced identity designers. If you a graphic designer with an online portfolio of logo and branding work, please DM me.

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I have a list of nearly twenty organizations or individuals I want to reach out to directly to offer writing services. Most related to my own interests/identities or who I have interacted with in the past

Really appreciate all the boosts on my last post about freelancing. Can I get a bit more help? do you know any orgs that I could/should reach out to? Especially groups providing needed support/services who could use help putting together new member packet, info pamphlets, news releases, etc.

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Tom Lehrer has released his songs and lyrics into the public domain.

What a nice thing to do.

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