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sffbookclub meta crowdfund 

The Mastodon crowd-fund is again operational on @Liberapay at

When Liberapay had problems last month, I withdrew the balance to date. I have just set what I withdrew (less the processing fee) to go back into the fund over the next month, at which time I will resume my own regular contribution.

As always, PM me if you need help affording the club selection or want more information about contributing.

Thank you!

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* Quantitative research methods and statistics
* Accessing scientific articles from paywalled journals
* Frank discussion of mental health, specifically including bipolar disorder and anxiety disorders
* D/s relationships and select other kinky stuff
* Polyam relationships, specifically with D/s
* To-do-list management strategies

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I'm Naga. A statistical consultant by training and trade, but more here for general social interaction, especially geeky, sometimes sexy/kinky, and occasionally left-wing political. Oh, and new-dad stuff. Dragonlet is my toddler, Jalan is my wife.

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whenever i try and find new alternate history books i wish there was something which would filter out anything about nazis winning WWII or the south winning the civil war, as well as anything written by henry turtledove, eric flint, or anyone british

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Great to see the issue of ebook library licensing being given the attention it deserves.

“Many libraries face financial and practical challenges in making e-books available to their patrons, which jeopardizes their ability to fulfill their mission.”


Hudson has started noticing the TV.

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Puppy eye contact 


Picture is of a 4-month-old Welsh Springer Spaniel puppy (red and white with floppy ears), lying on Jalan's legs and looking at the camera. Cluttered interior background.

(Can follow link from Twitter--photo is sfw)

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“Oh, we’ve already had one gender. But what about second gender?”
“I don’t think they know about second genders.”
“Elevenses? Tea time?”

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Anyone know of a Google calendar alternative that will email me reminders, and have keyboard support? Where everything is operable with the keyboard

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Hi everyone. I'm glad I found this instance. I look forward to making lots of friends here.
I love to read. My favorite genres are urban fantasy and horror. I'm also interested in anime, fandom, and listening to music. I'll listen to pretty much anything, but I mainly prefer rock and industrial.
I am also totally blind, so from time to time you might see posts about accessibility. if you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask.
Also, I don't normally post anything of an adult nature, but I'd still prefer followers be eighteen or older.

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Companies who make overwhelmingly scented beauty products should sit in the corner and reevaluate their terrible life choices

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just learned that the earth's actual geographic poles wander a few meters every few years because of a few things including something called chandler wobble, which is also called a nutation lol. anyway that makes me wonder, if you died at the south pole, would your spirit follow it as it wandered? or is that just moving the pole ghosts

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have you considered forming a union

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asking for recs; lockpicks :boost_ok: 

I lost my purse a while ago, and I didn't have anything terribly important in it so it's not a -massive- loss, but the one thing that I -do- feel the need to replace in there was my lockpicking set.

Does anyone have suggestions? I don't need a massive, professional quality set, just something simple for a hobbyist who sometimes locks herself out of her house.

Health (-), ME/CFS 

Just woke up again some 2 hours later, mostly because the furnace has kicked on, and it hits our bedroom the hardest.

Water from bed, then ice water next.


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Health (-), ME/CFS 

So yesterday morning started fine-ish.

Went out for an errand (labs for , as it happens). Was then going to buy flowers for Jalan on the way home, when hit with a complete dysautonomia collapse. Barely got home safely.

After an hour or two, I didn't feel as bad per se, but was completely flattened for energy, near to bedrest the rest of the day.

This morning, I got up when Jalan and Dragonlet left. That lasted about 20 minutes before back to bed.


Health (-), kink (chastity), undetailed lewd 

I had to go out this morning, and apparently my was having none of that nonsense.

By the time I got home, I was in complete collapse.

Safeworded out of chastity and used the emergency key. By the rules (which I drafted), the consequence of safewording is no orgasm, edging, OR going back into chastity until Jalan offers it--so you *know* I have to mean it.

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ugh what about the Cis-Siberian Orchestr*i'm dragged offstage by a comically large shepherds crook*

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I will never understand search engines that prioritize things like popularity over the actual search term, then limit the number of returned results

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I'm Daniel (they/them), an Associate Professor at the Lusófona University (PT) and Marie Curie Research Fellow at the MMU (UK), and Guest Assistant Professor at Nova University (PT).

PhD in Communication Sciences. Sociology and Psychology infiltrator.

I work mostly with gender, sexualities and new media. Main areas of interest are Consensual Non-Monogamies #CNM, #polyamory, #BDSM, #gender, #cyberculture.

Will always rant about the Anglosphere.

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