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the moral is; a degree in theatre is not very useful.

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i once had to give an oral reading of my dissertation performance thesis on all restrictions being valuable to the creation of interesting theatre.

Which meant i got to read out to a panel of judges the line:

"And i quote, open quote, Quote me as saying I was mis-quoted, end quote, Groucho Marx 1938"

my online career is downhill from here. i regret everything.

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Stone Cold Steve Austin has just denied that child his inalienable rights bah gawd

i fly in space with a wookie (come on!)
a wookie (come on!)
Great kid, don't get cookie!

i blew it all at the bookie (come on!)
the bookie (come on!)
my gambling skill is rookie.

Stafford County Public school board livestream 

pants: bright red βœ…
cat: in space βœ…
vans: knock-offs βœ…
roundhouse: kicked βœ…

it's enby time 😎

(selfies, ec)

i grew it all with the cookie (come on)
the cookie
so please enjoy my nookie

dancing around the flat swinging a pair of my underoos singing the Sweetest Thing song..

"You're, too big to fit in here, too big to fit in here!"

weight gain + 

wait was paul mccartney alive this whole time

That time in 2018 when we all hung out with alexa for a bit.

getting cucked for the first time and im kinda nervous... any tips and tricks from experienced cuckmasters?

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