trans slur 

ok just one more:

"I will say get informed you weebs they are coming for us and they will ruin us"


truly the slipperiest of slopes, who knows how long until the weebs are sent to the camps

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trans slur 

well thats enough blood bathing for now, i feel my skin has gotten younger by several years.

Favourite comment of the night was one animer trying to argue that, no lie, Admiral Ackbar coined the phrase Trap and didn't use it as a slur, so its not a slur.

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trans slur 

One of the anime subs banned the word trap and im reading the reams of angry children having temper trantrums and im just soaking in the blood.

Apparently a continual complaint is that they cant use femboy (the mods main suggestion) because a lot of guys are attracted to traps and that would make them feel gay.

Well i dont know my dude, sounds like you're finally having to confront the idea that you created a "not trans because they're ugly but also not a boy because thats gay" label

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selfies, EC 

Sometimes, when I dont wear makeup for 5 or 6 days I feel like I dont even look like me when I start again.
Also, shoutout to @flowerenby for the eyeliner inspiration

Wacky! Fun! Crazy!
It's outrageous!
Fun house, a whole lot of fun!
Prizes to be won! It's the real crazy show where anything goes!

Fun house, it's a quiz,
it's a race, a real wacky place,

Use your body and your brain
if you wanna play the game!

Parts of the United States have lost power and internet due to being hit by a hurricane,

so nows my time to post pictures of British Gameshow Legend Pat Sharp

trans surgery tip - HRT 

@Strabysme should be yes

well, ive had this inhaler for a while now, and i absolutely gorram love it. Perfect for dry or damaged voice issues.

Look i just want hips as wide as my shoulders, its not my fault that means i have a giant ass.

the crystaline rusted terror that is the inside of a toilet cistern that hasn't been changed since 1998

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have no fear, im a hardy bodge jobber, and the toilet is good as new.

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that moment where you're bodge job sawing a part of your toilet internals apart and you wonder... am i about to have no toilet

Cybele - Attis - Christ 

@flout 101 How to wrestle a girl out from behind misogyny and strict Christian upbringing

Cybele - Attis - Christ 

@flout just this wonderful slow realisation from him that trans wasn't beneath him in the pecking order of acceptability, but above him.

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