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Its weird writing live to an "important google document" that several trans strangers are looking at.

I had not spent more than a few minutes a day on the internet at this point alone. The only access we had was in a communal study rooms at the drama school.

Somehow, in my feverish state, trawling the internet, i came to a picture of something id never seen before. Something so evil cartoon villainlike that i couldn't begin to process. I looked at it, thinking that it had to be fake, but also my brain was telling me it was real.

The Bagger 288.

the image of it completely broke me.

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Tarik Elmoutawakil (producer of the Marlborough Theatre the only dedicated trans lesbian bar/venue in the UK) explaining how to avoid tokenism.

"You need to make a commitment to always represent diversity in your practice. This means developing your audiences, staff and board as well as what is on stage."


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Whenever i get a chance to talk about Wildflower by The Avalanches

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