"the product's labeling claimed it corrected constipation, promoted more refreshing sleep, and could relieve foul breath, bad taste in the mouth, sallow skin, acne, anemia, lassitude, mental hebetude, insomnia, anorexia, headaches, diarrhea, hemorrhoids, indigestion, nervousness, irritability, cold extremities etc

"Do not neglect to use your Dilators ... It is advisable to use [them] occasionally as a precautionary measure. You need have no fear of using them too much"."

@JohnBrownJr i mean, looking at the full box on the left, i suspect Doctor Young rebranded as Doc Johnson

@kawaiipunk can confirm i have none of these troubles when i have something up my ass.

@mxsiege I feel like all of it could be legit apart from "lassitude" and "mental hebetude"

I'm not sure those are a thing any-more. I'm not going to put the work in to confirm on this one but that is my initial suspicion.

@mxsiege ahh yes ... victorian society being extremely kinky ✨

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