Saying that gender is binary is like saying everyone is either Brunette or Blonde.

and when someone tries to point at Red hair you say oh there's only 2% of them in the world, that's a genetic anomaly and can be corrected by hair dye.

and then looking at all these different hair tones and believing theyre still only one of two colours and being certain that isn't just a useful simplification.

just in case, for any who dont know, the percentage of people with red hair in the world, is roughly the same as the amount of people in the world born intersex.

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@mxsiege i am so primed to go in on the first person to chudpost

@mxsiege I did a post about this too (sort of) based on a reading for genetics class.

Anyway, 2% of the world is 140 million, which is a LOT of people so

@ItsJenNotGabby i weirdly now think of it as the amount of people on the staten island ferry. And 2% is like.. 6 people on that ferry.

@mxsiege someone you can't see said:
" @mxsiege Only if you include the mild disorder late-onset congenital adrenal hyperplasia, if you're talking about ambiguous genitals or sex chromosomes it's 100x lower."

@mxsiege I belive in a non-binary gender society. You hit the nail in the head with that post. The thing is, older people like me would like to learn all the new lexicon and rules for this new way of approaching others but most of the time I get chastised for not knowing what no one taught me. Are there any resources that you can recommend to learn all this new, needed and necessary etiquette?

@mxsiege or as my mom used to love saying "nobody actually has natural black hair it's just really dark brown" (her eldest daughter had naturally black hair, she was not a very aware type of person)

@mxsiege And, typically eurocentric, the most common human hair color BLACK is left out.

@carl theres a more extended version in my mind which is where the person says black hair is just really dark brown, and white hair is just aging (and even then you're still really deep down a brunette or blonde), and baldness is just hormonal issues.

@mxsiege that's an excellent analogy! I'm going to use this explanation.

>Saying that gender is binary is like saying everyone is either Brunette or Blonde.
You are mixing evolutionary trait selections with reproductive organs. There are reasons why people have various pool genes around the world, some is influenced by their geographic position some are also influenced the random reproductive selection of traits people had in different cultures.

>that's a genetic anomaly
A genetic anomaly/Genetic Disorder is when health is affected.
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