really been vibing off this duo for a little while

again, larger image for those who like it big. I never realise how small something is on this screen til it gets uploaded to mastodon it seems

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@mxsiege like, I know that's probably a block of ice...

but my brain is like "nah those two are a lesbian power couple and are loading up a huge ass magitek crystal into a speakeasy for the independence movement resistance to load into their giant magipunk mecha to fight the feds with and free their city from the tyrannical rule of the Empire. They're also both the pilots."

@mxsiege how did they not drop the ice. the tongs dont look sturdy enough. how do the tongs work. ice questions

@envgen imagine having to come up with an excuse everytime to briefly be able to go out and flirt with them while they deliver your ice

@mxsiege @envgen Leave the icebox door just slightly ajar when you go to bed, so you'll need a delivery every morning

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