im watching some live streams of observatory telescopes looking at space and i have to wonder, have we totally ruled out the possibility that everything in space is just really wobbly?

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@moiety apparently its true. space is really wobbly.

@mxsiege that's actually part of Einstein's theory of relativity being proven. That's because of gravity! Everything tugging on each other causes the wobble and it's something astrophysicists use to find exoplanets! :D

I recommend the channel Dr. Becky if you want to learn more. She has so many great videos about this and her passion for the subject makes it really fun to learn. She's particularly focused on black holes so this is definitely her wheelhouse. Here's a couple to start you off!

@mxsiege Nope! Isn't it so cool? It's one of my favorite things about space and makes me feel a lot better about being extremely clumsy 😂

@mxsiege I didn't trip, earth just wobbled a bit harder than normal under my feet...yeah that's it.

@raantuva i buy it entirely. God thank you this is my favourite new fact.

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