Royal Astronomical Society has now confirmed theyve found phosphene on venus which is normally only produced by microbes.

RAS announcing potential life on venus.

They're saying the amount of phosphene in the atmosphere is so much that its not possible by their calculations to be coming from abiological processes (unless its a completely new "exotic" process) so the most likely cause is life on venus.

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they're going into the hypothesis of a life cycle of microbes having to live within a certain boundary of the acid clouds and being impossible elsewhere, and saying thats exactly where they're finding the phosphene

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going on to discuss how the plan going forward in the search for life on exoplanets is always going to be around detecting gases. And mention of how they're still hoping to find ancient microbes on Mars in the ice.

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and they're handing now over to journalist questions.

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@mxsiege we've managed to translate a broadcast from them: PLZ GET US OUT OF THIS HELL

@Garrison @mxsiege haha venus friends we'd rather be there than here 🙃

@Garrison @mxsiege wait, is that a message from them to us or the other way around? 😁

@kawaiipunk @mxsiege maybe the life on venus is the zombie plague and we can finally import it and be done

@mxsiege so it's either an exciting discovery, or an exciting discovery

@mxsiege even if it's not life, it's something really fucking cool

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