Holy shit, someone's done "ASMR Janet From the Good Place"

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i take it y'all've seen the new one from atmosphere about falling asleep during a school test with drag kings and scientific discussion of witchcraft also you're trapped in a vhs

@flout yeah! i really love it, especially the dream sequence.

i was so sure that was a bit but it just *kept going*

@flout I knowww i didn't even realise it was falling asleep stuff the first time round so i was like.. Okkkayy alternate dimensional puppet story cool im down for this

@mxsiege yessss i was concerned at first that an educational setting woulsnt be all that different 80s or otherwise but something about that sequence and the thing as a whole really felt seeped in that era i wasn't alive for

@flout its a really interesting one, like ... definitely pushed an envelope in a way i wasn't prepared for

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