honestly, im rather pleased.

i now have a link to send friends when they think she isn't anti-trans.

its made my life much easier and i dont have to feel gaslit in conversations with friends who love HP

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she loves trans people like adults love children running around pretending to be dinosaurs.

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looking forward to her self insert rad fem detective novel about a woman who is concerned about trans activists taking over.

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trans slur, jk rowling 

its about a late middle aged famous published writer, living in a picturesque sleepy town who keeps on being called upon to use her fictional knowledge to uncover perpetrators of terrible gender crimes that the police are incapable of solving.

Tranny She Wrote.

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jk rowling's "new book" 

Dial M for Might Have Gotten Obsessive About Anti-Trans Stuff Online

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jk rowling's "new book" September update 

I'm enjoying the hordes of people who seem to think that fictional characters are living breathing human beings that have to be judged on their own merits as if they have agency and not at all just figments of the writers imagination.

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jk rowling's "new book" September update 

you know its not transphobic as long as you say "this isn't transphobic" in the book.

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trans slur, jk rowling 

@mxsiege You've been hit by – You've been struck by – a gender criminal

jk rowling's "new book" / bad taste sarcastic gender joke 

@mxsiege It's Sherlock Not Shirley Holmes

re: jk rowling's "new book" September update 

@mxsiege my favorite part is all the people judging the book by its cover and not actually reading it to see how things play out

re: jk rowling's "new book" September update 

@feld Ah yes you're quite right, ill wait until i can read the paragraph where the crossdressing psychopathic killer stops mid way through his tutu murder rampage to say "i just want to be clear here im not transgender" to make up my mind. Thank you very much for checking me on that.

re: jk rowling's "new book" September update 

@mxsiege Robin has rape trauma in her history so the only thing that's really gonna push this over the edge is if at the end of the book she's like "wow, men dressing as women is so scary and traumatizing to me as a feminist rape survivor" but I'm pretty sure that's not how it's gonna turn out.

re: jk rowling's "new book" September update 

@feld and that's the balance point for you? rather than say focusing the story on a transvestite serial killer?

@mxsiege alright, so if it was a black serial killer would you be up in arms about the portrayal of the black community or would you rationalize "hey, this is just fiction, maybe I should relax"

jk rowling - trans rights 

@feld if it was coming from someone who hadn't been railing against the trans community for the last year on her social media platform and hadn't posted a giant blog post where she goes into detail that she doesn't believe trans people to be their actual gender, and that trans men are female which is why she identifies with "their struggle" and "cares for them", then i would still say its a tired transphobic trope that has been overplayed for the last hundred years or more.

But because that *is* what JKR has been doing, and she has been openly stating that she believes trans rights will lead to men (who she believes trans women to be) using it to rape and murder "real women" then its kind of absurd to suggest that its just a coincidence.

jk rowling - trans rights 

@feld and thats the point of my original post, it IS fiction, Rowling has invented the transvestite serial killer, she could have invented anyone, there is no reason it had to be a transvestite, its not historically based.

jk rowling - trans rights 

@feld and yet, we are stuck continually with the trans trope that is the most common in current western media, of men dressing up as women to be deceptive and use it to murder women, which is coincidentally the crux of JK Rowlings argument against trans rights, which is coincidentally a motivating factor behind the high death rate of trans women and perceived disposability / murder objectification of them as part of cis men's sexual fantasies

jk rowling - trans rights 

@feld And no. No person with an ounce of decent humanity should be able to look at DW Griffith's Birth of a Nation and rationalize oh yeah no thats just fiction, i should relax.

@mxsiege reading JK's books with my wife has not turned us into monsters who want to kill people in the trans community. I'm pretty sure the people killing trans folks are unlikely to be avid readers anyway.

@feld big clap for managing to not be a murderer.
well done there.
here's your cookie 🍪

@mxsiege thank you, i really enjoy cookies, especially oatmeal chocolate chip (not raisins, because I'm not that kind of monster)

@feld its enjoyable titillating fiction for you.
Its reality for me.

I live in the UK alongside your beloved author, so I have to get a recorded statement from all my sexual partners that they know im transgender before we do anything, because our law states that no one can legally consent sexually if they dont know the person they're having sex with is transgender so it can be taken to trial as rape.

@mxsiege that's really fucked up and i'm sorry that is your reality. you're basically guilty unless proven innocent, greaet...

(sorry for late response, missed this somehow)

@feld Right, so you can you now begin to understand that while JK Rowling's books are fiction, she very knowingly writes that fiction within a reality where laws are applied to people based on public 'common knowledge' and acceptance ie there is something very dangerous about a man who wears a dress, that is taught slowly over time to people through fiction such as Troubled Blood, Ace Ventura, Silence of the Lambs, CSI, Naked Gun, The Cleveland Show, Family Guy, Adam, Nip/Tuck, The Crying Game..

@feld a reailty where she is not a quiet oblivious bystander on the fate of these laws but actively champions people who work to walk back the current laws that protect trans people in the UK and even goes so far as to advocate for it herself.

@mxsiege have any links to her direct involvement in politics? I haven't seen this yet
@mxsiege i am a fan of almost all of those things you listed and have never felt that a man in a dress is dangerous. so if they're supposed to be brainwashing the public, they're failing miserably.

i also have not been brainwashed into becoming a murderer by videogames, i don't want to become a soldier because of Call of Duty or America's Army, I am not a racecar driver because I played Gran Turismo, and I don't hijack cars because of Grand Theft Auto.

I respect your view much as the grieving parents who think videogames brainwashed the school shooter, but the link between the two is pretty weak. I'd say politics are far more dangerous than entertainment, and unfortunately in some countries and states the politics are really hostile towards the trans community.

I'd be interested in learning more if there are studies linking these types of books/movies/TV shows to violence towards the trans community. If the data is really there, it simply can't be refuted.

@feld i mean you've also demonstrated you're as dense as a plank so who knows what gets into you.

@mxsiege i'm not your enemy, stop trying to make me one.

jk rowling - trans rights 

@mxsiege @feld I find it very disappointing (to put is mildly) that J.K. Rowling has turned out to be such a TERF, as, even more so than with Harry Potter, I really enjoyed the Cormoran Strike series and was looking forward to the most recent addition to the series. As siege has said, it seems like a clear choice for her to include a murderous transvestite, given her past statements. Unfortunately, I have to say that Rowling has lost me as a reader.

@Cassiopeia12727 @mxsiege that word does not even exist in the novel, why do people keep using it? I was under the impression that this has been a very negative connotation in the LGBTQ+etc community?

@feld @Cassiopeia12727 its from the Telegraph review of the book, other places refer to the serial killer as a crossdresser but because they're speaking about someone from 1974, transvestite is the term they would have used.

@mxsiege @Cassiopeia12727 the book takes place in current day, though. The murder being investigated is an old cold-case. So the book's characters wouldn't use that word.

@feld @Cassiopeia12727 oh good, im sure the completely imaginary crossdressing serial killer can rest easy in their fictionally made up grave.

re: trans slur, jk rowling 

@mxsiege Angela Lansbury doesn't deserve this :(

re: trans slur, jk rowling 

@jy4m entirely not, shes one of the all time greats.

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