There is no trans terminology that will ever be unproblematic and timeless because every new generation brings internalized transphobia that associates to the terminology they learnt in regards to trans people before coming out.

im gonna guess that in 10 years, transgender is problematic because trans people dont change their gender and as a word it reinforces the idea that trans people were never really their real gender.

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and then enough people will go along with it because yeah that sounds like a good enough reason for why i dont like that word and definitely not because i dont want to be associated with older trans people.

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i think my original point to all this, which i forgot to make, is that no matter what labels we choose for ourselves, we should also always be challenging ourselves to try and be comfy with the language that came before us, or risk losing our ability to identify with our history.

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@eject @00dani its not used as a word to define a person as transgender?

@mxsiege @eject hmm idk, what about

is she *mimes being cute* trans?

@mxsiege I mean I think that’s already started. I got called gatekeeping truscum on Twitter like 5 years ago because I said that transgender is an umbrella term and that there’s no wrong way to be trans. I doubt that person came up with their ideas about trans means and who it refers to in a vacuum. I think they were older than me too

@skipsageneration yeah ive had this conversation several times. Each time people hate the idea that transgender is an umbrella term. Apparently fuck everyone else who's icky.

@mxsiege @skipsageneration I'm so confused at this point. I see the weirdest arguments where people are super heated about stuff that just seems pretty uncontroversial like "transgender is an umbrella term" and I don't even understand where they're coming from. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

@AudreyJune @lawremipsum @skipsageneration at least the ones who were/are not a famous rock star or fashion icon, or are attractive.

@lawremipsum @mxsiege since pretty much every time I’ve seen it it’s people who don’t id as trans women, that makes me think there’s some internalized transmisogyny going on

@mxsiege You aren’t trying to suggest that trans people care about using accurate language to describe ourselves because we secretly hate all other trans people, are you? 👀

Because that is a way of reading this that would make me pretty uncomfy.

@slightlyflightyone im saying semantic shift transgender language happens often based around older language being called problematic, but that excuse of it being problematic is often "trans people i dont like used it"

@slightlyflightyone the obvious one is why is transsexual problematic and transgender isnt?

@mxsiege Uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

Sooooo… I’m not cool with you using transmedicalist talking points here.

I would prefer that you didn’t pretend that taking issue with the term “transsexual” because it has gatekeeping connotations was somehow transphobic because it’s frankly absolute bullshit and transphobic nonsense, thank you very much.

@slightlyflightyone why do you think transsexual has gatekeping connotations?

@slightlyflightyone @mxsiege

I dropped away from trans activism for a few years and when I left, older women were calling themselves transsexual and when I came back, almost nobody was.

The only time I saw this come up was in a row about whether or not there needed to be a diagnosis for gender dysphoria. Somebody who did not need/want to access medical services wanted to remove the diagnosis and others objected, saying this materially effected TS people on the NHS.

I missed any other fights.

@slightlyflightyone @mxsiege

Which is to say, I'd be interested in hearing what the problem is with the term, as I've got no clue.

And, tbh, my own discomfort with the term is not just because it has the word "sex" in it, which I at one time, I thought was strategically not great, but also because I was uncomfortable with trans people before I came out, so the original thread really resonates for me.

Yeah, ive always viewed it as an older term and one that a lot of people are uncomfy around but im always a little surprised when people treat it as a slur. I'm totally alien to tumblr or twitter though so no doubt im missing a lot.

@mxsiege this sounds so plausible and thinking about it already makes me feel so frustrated and tired 😩

@elsilnora we're a community that houses a lot of trauma, and it makes us very susceptible to wanting to destroy and remake things to be more perfect.

discussion of words regarding gender 

discussion of words regarding gender 

@mxsiege I think this is a fairly essential part of understanding that gender is socially constructed and fluid and flexible and changeable and the way it's understood is likely to continuously change and that's fine

@shonalika yes definitely, and it will continue to shift and change no matter what, just that we can't change history so we have to make peace with it.

@mxsiege "Euphemism Treadmill" is the term for this general phenomena. Observed a lot in discourse about race, gender, sex, mental health, etc. Well-intentioned terms carry the baggage of the bigotry of their own time. "Colored People" used to be something that progressives said, etc.

I think you're absolutely right about this.

@mxsiege the obvious cure to this would be to make a world where eggs aren’t horrible little angry alienated shitheels before they come out, but then I feel funny about not being able to relate to those girls if they weren’t

@TrannyOakley lol i know right! i had that same thought process last night.

@TrannyOakley @mxsiege
Omg, this pretty much nails it.

Sometimes I think “I was a good egg,” and then 5 seconds later I realize “No, I was very much not.”

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