Ok so first off, Charles Mingus the famous jazz pianist wrote a pamplet on toilet training your cat.

No really.


And then someone recorded Reg E. Cathey narrating it



He wrote it in 1954.

Charles Mingus was toilet training cats, and teaching others how to do it.

In 1954.

Charles Mingus:

Me: Famous jazz pianist.

My Dad would not be proud of me today.

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@mxsiege we have lived in a world where Charles Mingus has taught us how to toilet train cats for 70 years

@mxsiege i learned about this from the alt text of an achewood comic and i still think about it every single day

@zatnosk hmm i mean i have seen many people playing these pianos.

@mxsiege it's definitely more portable than most pianos. But there's a curious lack of hammers, and very few strings. Can't be good for more than very simple melodies.

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