i am stuck in a hell exchange with an angry production person who doesn't understand that a file that is 171.03mm by 235.97mm is what you get when you request a file that is 300dpi at 171mm by 236mm.

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you dont pay me enough to split the pixel sir.

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@mxsiege formatting and sizing issues have taken about 5 years off my life, I understand

@Cathymarinara down in the formatting mines, contracting bleeding crop lung

@mxsiege no sir, the jpg seam has done gone dry, I cannae increase the resolution from 72dpi

@Cathymarinara @mxsiege

Really looking forward to those Scottish Romulans

“Get tae fuck wi’ your wee ears”

@mxsiege The joys of metric versus imperial units. I've learned some metric equivalents, but it's frustrating to have to convert from one to the other when certain mapping sites won't do both (OpenStreetMap's default directions engine for example; I usually use GraphHopper's site directly but I think they intend it mainly as a demo and not production).

@mxsiege Besides, splitting the pixel would release massive amounts of unstable visual energy and no one wants that

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