hand-holding my GP through the endless confusions about them not knowing what has to happen with regards to me requesting a new NHS number.

Me: "id like to request a new number so i can have my records updated with my correct name and gender"

"ok what number do you have?"

Me: *gives my number*.

"yep thats the one we have on our system"

Me: Right so i'd like to request a new one.

"okay! so what is your new number?"

Me: I.. no i mean i need to request you get a new number from PCSE.

"Ah alright, well if you can submit that form with PCSE and let us know"

Me: No, i mean it states you have to request it. There is no form for me.

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"Can you hold for a minute?"


"Can you call back later this evening?"

i just love that the answer is always "uhhh.. let me check with my support team"

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and then "can you go away and do these things?"

"Oh i've already done those things, here they are."

"um, can you just go away for a few hours?"

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"Can you call back in the evening?"

*calls back 3 hours later*

"Oh i'm sorry, our service manager has gone home for the day, you would have needed to have called when she was here earlier during the day."

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*calls back the next day during daytime*

"No, you don't ever need a new NHS number"

Me: I actually do, because of gender reassignment.

"Err ok im going to have to talk to a colleague, they'll call you sometime tomorrow"

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*wait all day, no call back, so i call them at 3pm*

"Oh i'm sorry our service manager has gone home for the day. So you would have needed to call earlier."


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@mxsiege I'm going to attempt the bank/dmv double tomorrow. Should be fun.

@NeoAJ my bank was surprisingly ok, thankfully id gone with a deepoll service which has a certificate stamp on it which they were like "oh only if it has a stamp"

@mxsiege I'm hopeful it will be painless since the Dmv is where i had to go for the name/gender change anyway, and the bank already has me on file as "Ms. [deadname]", which was really interesting to see in the mail.

@NeoAJ lol yeah, my doctor's currently have all my medication and records listed as Mr Cassandra

@mxsiege Definitely looking forward to getting that updated when I go for my next refill. They had AJ in brackets next to my full deadname, but they never freaking addressed me by AJ. I shamed one tech when I gave them AJ and they didn't figure out that my deadname was non-applicable anymore.

@mxsiege Bureaucracying while trans is an extreme sport.

@drifa @mxsiege I'm going to hate it. The more my pre-transition ass learns about the bullshit that's in front of me, the more it pisses me off.

(By pre-transition I mean that I haven't done anything except for coming out to my mom and my therapist)

@LunaDragofelis @mxsiege FWIW, for me, it’s all been worth it and then some. And it’s gotten easier: I was able to update my birth certificate’s sex marker with nothing more than an affidavit asserting that I’m trans. Doesn’t mean I’m not upset that it’s still far harder than it has to be.

@drifa @mxsiege well 🤔 this makes me wanna get gay married while trans and have my daughter's birth cert changed to my new name and have me listed as another mom :thinkhappy:

@drifa @mxsiege … thereby causing the collapse of the German, Austrian, Irish and Bosnian governments.

@meena @mxsiege Let me know if it works, there’s some governments I’d like to see collapse.

trans, paperwork 

trans, paperwork 

trans, paperwork 

trans, paperwork 

trans, paperwork 

trans, paperwork 

trans, paperwork 

trans, paperwork 

trans, paperwork 

trans, paperwork 

trans, paperwork 

@mxsiege it's great when they "accidentally" don't give a shit about you

@mxsiege this is literally such a uk mood trying to do literally anything

@seafrog yeah seriously, ive already been through this song and dance of trying to get my name changed twice over, it just both times it reset.

@mxsiege christ thats frustrating as hell, i'm goin thru it with phone insurance rn and that's annoying enough and yet nowhere near as important & life-affecting as name & gender-shit. hope it gets sorted soon!!

@seafrog thank you, i hope insurance stuff goes well for you too, thats always such a nightmare for me.

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