When a lot of queer and trans people shifted here back in August 2018 from Twitter, i commented that this was probably the first public social network that had this amount of trans people discussing things openly and safely alongside cis people and how groundbreaking that was in terms of normalising our experiences for all involved.

I still think this is the case today, which is why i feel its important we need to all collectively try our best to steer things here towards the positive.

We are living in abnormal times, its only logical that the continuing stress of such has taken its toll on a lot of us, with tensions running higher and people feeling less capable of niceties or assuming best intentions.

I dont have any giant wisdom but we're all here together and the timeline has a weird way of feeding back on itself for better or worse.

Just look out for each other if you can. We didn't come here to fight each other.

@mxsiege "I don't know what this means but it feels like it means something" is such a mood

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