Marvel: We're thinking about bringing in a trans character.

Every Newspaper: omg there's going to be a Trans superhero.

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like if Star Wars has shown us anything its that there isn't going to be a gay or trans character or superhero who can't be edited out of the film entirely for certain markets.

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@mxsiege meanwhile: either cheap joke like fat suit Thor, or extremely background like their ‘gay character’ who’s in a support group for 30 seconds

@Cathymarinara @mxsiege absolutely agreed, but also, Fat Thor is a goddamn gay mood and I love him

@aphyr @mxsiege I have, admittedly, not actually watched it, and i think he looks good (we’re a yes fats, yes femmes household) but man fat suits and fat jokes bum me the fuck out

@mxsiege reminder that the most influential market in that regard, as always, is the domestic one

the star wars sad excuse for rep was jj's idea, because he didn't want us to be "a big deal"

@mxsiege hmm i'm not sure brie larson could be edited out of avengers endgame

but the film didn't even tell us her name let alone that she's gay, so,

@mxsiege The more we say it like this, the more they'll be pressured into doing just that.

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