what's catnip for catgirls? it's not hard, its just the sincere promise of acceptance of them to fully embrace their deep underlying urge for unbridled femininity in a format that doesn't shame them or make them feel like an outsider.


or giving them space to learn that catgirl is a vehicle for soft femininity, accessing parts of themselves that they've been taught to lock off and never explore or share for fear of social isolation.

or like a cat bell to go on their collar idk.

@mxsiege I hear headpats and earscritches are always welcome too

@mxsiege siege, you surprise me more every day with the depth and thoughtfulness of your toots, but i honestly never expected catgirl theory. brava.

@VyrCossont Catgirls: in Purrsuit of Femininity.

y'know, denied femininity and how it manifests in people is a big topic of interest for me.

@VyrCossont Also thank you 💙💜 thats really kind of you to say!

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