drugs & jordan peterson 

i'm glad that Jordan Peterson spent a year publicly advancing his claim that eating a 100% meat diet cured his brain worries and allowed him to completely stop taking antidepressants.

but now it's been revealed that he had actually developed a significant Klonopin habit and he had to check into rehab to quit.

this is significantly more educational than anything he's ever written. addiction is not a moral failing. that can't be said of claiming beef cures depression.


drugs & jordan peterson 

@jackdaw_ruiz It's like what happened with Charlie Sheen, or Glenn Beck. You look back over the past few years and go, yes this is all what a breakdown looks like.

drugs & jordan peterson 


if only i knew that a best-selling book and some well attended public speaking gigs were all it took to reduce his brain to pudding and have him believing that tube steak can perfectly supplant a portion of all modern medicine.

i may have bought a copy of Maps of Meatning just to contribute. 📙 💸 :blobcheeky:

drugs & jordan peterson 

@jackdaw_ruiz i think it all started before that. I had a friend who had a psychotic break, started a strong painkiller and benzo habit and then spent the next few years railing against a specific enemy on the internet, fell into conspiracy sites, aligned themselves with right wing "truthers" started posting long rants online, took up a banana only diet for months at a time for no real reason, lost tons of weight, thought they were a god..

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