Hot take, people seem to always forget that hot takes are meant to be "deliberately provocative and/or sensational, and based on shallow moralizing."

Like when someone responds "This is a bad take" to a post that isn't a hot take, it comes across as aggressive to me, like labelling someones elses random post as a take, is like elevating it to a status of importance to shame the original poster's thoughts.

@mxsiege it’s the assumption that someone is being purposefully provocative that does it

@Cathymarinara Yeah, makes me feel like people force a toot up onto a soapbox so its suddenly a figure of authority.

@mxsiege @Cathymarinara especially if it was something genuine or emotionally based the person was saying that then becomes some kind of postulate. Perhaps it's part of cancel culture

@I @mxsiege I don’t even get what ‘cancel culture’ is supposed to be???

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