Hi, I sometimes make labels for silly products for you to pick up and gawp at / steal in immersive theatre shows.

@mxsiege These are all really good- I'm particularly fond of "highly flimflammable".

@BestGirlGrace Thanks! Yeah, i get a lot of free reign to write my own stuff for anything beyond the original title of the product so i get to have a lot of fun with stuff like that.

Wow. You're definitely a pro. I can perfectly imagine these showing in movie theaters.

@rick_777 Thank you! I slowly self taught over a lot of years while working for pennies, and now im up to the point of being paid a small handful of pennies.

@mxsiege @rick_777 You're amazing! You deserve way more than pennies IMO.

@Ncl Thank you. Sadly i am not good at self promotion and have failed over the years to ever make a website.

@mxsiege oh hey wow I hadn’t seen this stuff before. I’m very impressed. Nice 💜

@TrannyOakley I'm completely useless when it comes to doing things in real life with my hands, but give me a computer and i'm ok!

@mxsiege if you learned some cad/cam/cnc software, then the two of us combined would make a whole damn genius

@TrannyOakley Yeah i really need to. I've made a lot of vectors for people to use in cnc work but never taken the logical next step.

@mxsiege I've been using graphic design tools since I was like 12 and holy hell am I in goddamn *awe* of your talent. 😍

What do you mainly use? Illustrator?

@andi Hee, thanks! I use a combination of Illustrator and Photoshop generally, switching between the two depending on what the tools can do for me. Also nowadays sometimes After Effects with Red Giant Plugin for particles and glow effects.

@andi I'm a naughty self taught designer so i feel more comfy and capable with photoshop and working directly with pixels rather than illustrator and vectors. Slowly been making the switch for the past 10 years and i think im in a comfy middle ground now.

@mxsiege Ah, very cool! 😊 I've definitely switched to using Illustrator for more stuff but that's also probably because most of the code art stuff I do outputs SVG. I totally miss Photoshop though; I've mainly been using GIMP the last while and my proficiency with that in comparison is laughable. 😩

@andi Yeah I gave up on GiMP when i hit limitations with its jpg quality format.. i'm guessing things are much changed now.

@Jewbacchus 😊 I have a love of replicating period print items and i get too much pleasure going into tiny details that no one cares about.

@mxsiege these are great btw, like art great - not just shitpost great

@mxsiege i like the part where you do amazing things

@mxsiege these are glorious! me & the missus have only stolen one prop from immersive theater- a letter from sleep no more- and i’d Massively rather have these

@Absolutely_Blakely I have about 9 labels for different flavours of Margots Jam. My favourite is Jub Jub Jelly.

@mxsiege Those are great! The Ways & Means Mousemilk logo made me laugh out loud.

@tsturm Thanks! Yea, it was a fun one to put together.


[slow clap]

My ephemera collection link is in my bio, should you need more downloadable fodder/inspiration.

@mxsiege Would you be willing to create one of these each for several distributions/flavours of Linux? :D These are amazing!

@brandon thanks very much! I'm available for hire as a designer for sure, if that's what you meant, but im a little laid out in recovery for the next week or two.

@mxsiege I'd definitely be willing to hire! I'll get back to you in the future then. I hope you have a smooth recovery :)

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