My mom just texted ofc to me and im like, ok bit severe mom but..

When did ofc stop standing for "Of fucking course"?


Of Fucking Course.

Many random internet people use it as of course, but the origin of this acronym is Of Fucking Course.

You: So, does it mean ofc = "of course" is wrong?

Me : OFC"

Savour this moment, this is like your future grandniblings teaching you how out of touch with social media you are and please stop sending holo meme chains to their i-fed accounts

@mxsiege wait it stood for "of fucking course"??? I have some apologies to make.


@mxsiege I always thought it was just shortened like "pls" and not an acronyl

@mxsiege or are you going to tell me next that "pls" stands for "Please Little Slut"?

@mxsiege my dad didn’t understand texting as a conversational form and would end all of his texts with ‘have a good day’ even while we were in the middle of chatting

@Cathymarinara Its a very positive technique i suppose, have a good day.

@mxsiege hahahaha yes! It was charming once I finally figured out he wasn’t trying to get off the phone, but considering he was a western union telegram boy at like 14 with his friend whitey, it was pretty impressive we got him texting in the first place

@mxsiege idk it feels weird to say that it *actually* stands for "of fucking course", like there's no official meaning because it doesn't come from anything right? and it seems like nearly everyone has always just used it to mean "of course" so idk if you can say they were mistaken and that's not what it actually means

@em True. Well it originally stood for Of fucking course, and now many people use it for of course, but theres a chunk of people (likely those who are internet people aged over 30) who are reading it as of fucking course when you use it.

@em It's like if all of tumblr decided lol stood for lots of love again, and you had a chunk of the internet using that on you. You'd find it hard to read a sentence seriously.

@mxsiege well what do you mean "originally" though, like did it originate from A Thing? like it's always meant "of course" to me and i've been online for 15 years

@em Yes like it originated from the 90s on the internet. Ofc, rofl, lol, etc

@em Like i remember having to ask people on a forum what ofc stood for.

@em Also, i'd say it does come from something, its an initialism of of fucking course, so it has as much right and meaning as any word does. Social constructs and the like.


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