Nordic larp UK AIDS 

The "Just A Little Lovin'" Nordic Larp centered around the first years of the AIDS epidemic in New York is coming towards the end of sign ups for the UK 4 day event.

From what I've heard the experience is, as you can imagine, intense, emotional and insightful.

re: Nordic larp UK AIDS 

@mxsiege A friend of mine went last year, from what stories she told it was very beautiful and intense.

re: Nordic larp UK AIDS 

@CorvusRobotica I'm definitely super tempted from what ive heard from others who went. My only hesitation is that normally im paid to do this sort of performance work so ponying up for a 4 day performance seems alien.

re: Nordic larp UK AIDS 

@mxsiege a LARP is a thing of its own and while performing is an element of it, the culture surrounding it is very different. I get it though.


re: Nordic larp UK AIDS 

@CorvusRobotica Totally.

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