How come everyone's swearing all the time now?

@mxsiege we're trying to seem cool for the new crowd from tumblr

@em Then surely we should just all wear our cool hats that we all own because we're cool.

@mxsiege ah yes of course. mine is uhh a top hat

@Taweret @em Gosh thank you, this has cheered me up immensely. I love their eyes, very alluring.

@mxsiege @em i may or may not own a surprising number of funny hats


everybody trying to look tough in front of the new people

@mxsiege Pretty sure I was doing that anyway, so I assume they're trying to be cool like me.

@mxsiege hmmmm.... ye, i'm p sure i was always swearing all the time[1]. buuuuuuut thas jus me tho. 🤷‍♀️

[1] okay, 2 b faaair there was a period of, like, a month? months? in the beginning where i only did #np posts, and only Some of those were swearin'. :tinking:

@mxsiege I swear a lot on social media, but usually just say 'bollocks' in real life.

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