inaction enabling genocide 

The weird conflict of worrying that it feels like the instance may go away,
while also considering just giving up on the general inactivism at Mastodon/GNUsocial altogether and deleting the account,
which would make the first worry pointless...
Yeah, Mastodon's web-UI describes that feeling well:

So, yeah, as things stand right now,
I'm done with all disactive "social media" as of now and indefinitely.

My main purpose for over a decade was to share important news that others and I had found,
but as that has here and recently before elsewhere devolved into me mumbling myself to a heart attack while struggling though increasing blindness to find unreported emergencies,
it's not fucking worth it.
t's not what it was and it's now pointless.

Go ahead requipping/boosting/whatevering your mutual group-feelgoodiness and cat-pics,
while we all burn together.
Especially you that only appear to demand CW-tags, but ignore everything that is CW-tagged. You're literally worse than twitter-trolls.
No, it's fine. It's fine. It's f…


@b9AcE Literally worse than Twitter trolls. People sharing cat pics are driving you into a heart attack. Gosh. Maybe take yourself just a fraction less seriously for a second babes. We're all burning and doomed. We know. We don't have to sit in that doom all the time, we can't, or we will all be burnt out and no use to anyone. You're not the sole saviour of mankind. Take a break from the narrative, prioritize your health. Look after yourself.

@mxsiege I am really confused as to the intent of your reply,
so I will just choose to interpret is kind well wishes and say thank you.
Thank you!

@b9AcE oki cool. Take care of yourself lovely. Hope your health picks up.

@mxsiege Thanks! :-) It's currently incurable, but as long as there is life, there is hope...
Best of wishes to you too!

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