This is whats on my mind Mastodon. Thanks for asking.

@Taweret I mean, it totally is.. the potato is pretty wild. Like did they 3d model it or is it a real potato carefully filmed?

@mxsiege : Love the image label : "a potato floating and rotating as a vector grid landscape passes by and the text Potato in digital clock writing flashes above".

@talone I enjoy writing image descriptions, especially with the silly shit I post.

@mxsiege maybe you could change that text in the code of your instance? xD

Ma misse n°2 en a le souffle coupé, c'est le sens de la vie! Magnifique!


it's almost exactly like an 80s video by DEVO

@mxsiege XD epic! I randomly thought of jacksepticeye for some reason when I saw that.

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