Mastodon is the first time I can think of where theres a huge trans community which has a wide spread of ages and other demographics, is not locked off from cis people, and isn't constantly under attack. That's pretty momentous and It's incredibly normalising.

Love to all the cis allies with pronouns in their descriptions too. Y'all are great.


@mxsiege I've seen it in small closed communities on Facebook, but they're members only, with strict rules.

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@mxsiege honestly, this is one of the best things about being here. aside from rl spaces where i am in small groups of queer people where asking about pronouns is normalised, i can’t think of any other equivalent anywhere else online, not like this.

it’s a dizzying thought that this particular feeling of freedom and not being under scrutiny, or pawns in political discourse, is what cis people have everywhere, more or less.

@mxsiege I disagree on politics with people and I look at some toots thinking "overreacting much?", but the fact that mastodon has basically zero personal attacks on people because of identity or affiliation is so nice!

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@mxsiege i'm glad you're here and glad you've been enjoying it. welcome!

@mxsiege so true. Other than a couple of fairly small and disconnected queer discords I've never experienced anything quite like this

@mxsiege question about this: I’m cishet, would it be tacky for me to have my pronouns somewhere visible? I want to support all of you but I don’t want to seem “performatively woke”, you know what I mean?

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@bakeshakenbake @mxsiege
Good question, I'm always afraid of not understanding things regarding this and coming off the wrong way to people.
Is saying 'cishet <M/F>' info enough, or should one also include pronouns?

@surlybobbys @bakeshakenbake Pronouns are generally the thing that trans people seem to have a general consensus on as a request, because pronouns are the thing that others need to know to address you, and can't be judged from other labels. I know some cis people who use they/them for example.

@mxsiege this is so important

there's a reason we cut ourselves off from cis people. The problem is that most cis communities have no way to learn how to treat people... and that goes beyond ignorance. We see a lot of welcoming ignorance in our extended natal family. We also don't feel included and don't want to fight on a wedding weekend 😛

@mxsiege From the cis side of things it's valuable for me to hear about the things that matter to trans folks and the problems they struggle with. Unfortunately it's easy for cis/straight/white people to be unaware of the problems their own friends are facing because they don't have enough opportunities to hear about them.


Totally happy to read these lines
:heart_eyes_cat_lgbti: #unite
We all are great, \o/ aren't we? :p

^^ boosting this for signal. Come and be yourself here.

@mxsiege it feels so weird to be in a place where people are just universally supportive of each other

almost makes me wish i didn't have to still live in the real world and just move to mastodon full time

@mxsiege this is great and i love this and i want society to become more like this

@mxsiege It's strange to be in a space, especially online where... I'm just accepted. No weird questions, no attacks, no "2 genders" rhetoric, just... kindness and acceptance... its so nice

@mxsiege I'm really glad that I can contribute to normalizing and supporting a lot of things that are traditionally undermied by people as privileged as myself.


It's nice (and somehow quite strange) to get praise for putting my pronouns in my description.
It was a very small one-time (non-)effort.

( Wondering what other very small efforts I'm missing, that would makes others feel more welcome? )

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