If you aren't aware. Maritime signal flags are hilarious and useful both on land or sea.

PS. Man Overboard is my 80s Trans SynthPop Band, I saw it first, hands off you filthcats.



@mxsiege Thought that read "I require a hug" and was happy that sailors were in touch with their emotional needs

@vanhaase I feel saddened now that sailors don't have a flag for that.

@mxsiege yeah it really feels like there should be a flag like that. maybe we should design one.

@mxsiege Just gonna get "I require assistance" tattooed on me for convenience.

@mxsiege I'm pretty sure there's a business idea in that

@mxsiege I like the Xray flag, signalling "Stop carrying out your intentions and watch for my signals", it's the ultimate toppy "be quiet and do as you're told" flag

@mauve I just love the "I'm on fire, i have seriously fucked up"

@mxsiege maritime flag codes are the best

but so are the old telegraphic brevity codes… looking for some now

@VyrCossont @mxsiege I love how the existence of the fire flag combination implies there are situations where a crew member says to themselves "oh dear, a fire. Let me raise the flags"

@VyrCossont @mxsiege I'd imagine most people would get the message if you hoisted a burning flag

@mxsiege and of course the original 1889 version of Unicode, which lacked many of the modern emoji, but had some codepoints very useful to anyone trying to flirt over telegram

@VyrCossont @mxsiege i once sent a friend a letter in the anglo-american telegraphic code (a very similar codebook)

she was exactly the kind of person who would love that but she was so mad at me, like the way i get mad at crosswords sometimes lol

@mxsiege I thought one of those said "I require a hug" instead of "tug" and I want a flag like that instead :p

@xoxo Depends on your concept of "I am on fire". Personally the list to me reads like a great night out.

@mxsiege "I require assistance" is just the Alabama state flag

And as someone who lives in Alabama, big mood

@mxsiege gonna put that last one on everything I own

Imagine being in the second situation and looking up the correct flag to hang jfc

@mxsiege I'm definitely keep clear of me i'm maneuvering with difficulty

@mxsiege always found it hilarious you could go from “I require a tug” to “good job!” With just two flags.

@mxsiege Tag urself, I'm "I am on fire and have dangerous cargo on board, keep well clear of me"

@mxsiege @wordscanbesexy Since Alabama uses V for its state flag, are they perpetually asking for help?

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