ahhh a bunch of new people followed this account, sorry, I moved to @morganastra@witches.town and won't be actively posting from this account!

actually hm witches.town might suit my personal brand better lol

they'll regret this. cities "partnering" with uber instead of having a real public transit system is the "selling your rail system to National City Lines" of 2017


@number73 you just have to include the instance to resolve the user. same as with email addresses

@adef187 Nazis are *very* explicitly banned on most instances, so I bet that'll stay that way

@zewm have to include your instance, names aren't unique across the federation unfortunately

look I'm not trying to TOOT my own horn here but "United Federation of Mastodons" was pretty good y'all

Consuming premium aged toots that entered their oaken casks three hours ago and are just now being poured over the tinkling ice cubes of my timeline.

mastodon.social ran out of gee-bees so they don't get anymore gee-honey

oh yeah so I make owl.pics (which is a website for looking at pictures of owls) and pronoun.is (which is a website for communicating your pronouns with people) which are both pretty cool IMO you should check em out if you like owls or communicating

i wonder if i can follow every lesbian on this United Federation of Mastodons

(and a lot of times I post pics of my plant and stuff, make pronoun.is announcements, flirt with hot dykes, etc)

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