ahhh a bunch of new people followed this account, sorry, I moved to @morganastra@witches.town and won't be actively posting from this account!

actually hm witches.town might suit my personal brand better lol

they'll regret this. cities "partnering" with uber instead of having a real public transit system is the "selling your rail system to National City Lines" of 2017


look I'm not trying to TOOT my own horn here but "United Federation of Mastodons" was pretty good y'all

Consuming premium aged toots that entered their oaken casks three hours ago and are just now being poured over the tinkling ice cubes of my timeline.

mastodon.social ran out of gee-bees so they don't get anymore gee-honey

oh yeah so I make owl.pics (which is a website for looking at pictures of owls) and pronoun.is (which is a website for communicating your pronouns with people) which are both pretty cool IMO you should check em out if you like owls or communicating

i wonder if i can follow every lesbian on this United Federation of Mastodons

(and a lot of times I post pics of my plant and stuff, make pronoun.is announcements, flirt with hot dykes, etc)

y'all this single-payer bill (SB562 in California) is even better than I thought it'd be holy shit. "Referrals are not required to see any eligible provider." is LIFE-CHANGING. you get to make YOUR OWN decisions about your healthcare. that is what *actual* freedom of choice in healthcare looks like.

hey what if we consolidated the bay area into one big city so we could plan infrastructure and stuff on a scale appropriate for the region

we live in a dictatorship of the bourgeoisie. our state has a class character and it's working against us at every turn.

I don't go so far as to say that makes it impossible to accomplish good through policy, but every step forward risks two (dozen) steps back. for every policy that benefits people we get two that consolidate the power of corporations.

(and to disabuse anyone of the notion I'm exaggerating when I say "civilization-underpinning" I mean we have a civilization because ~12,000 years ago some autists were obsessed with plant seeds. there's your autism awareness month story)

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we deserve a world in which the (literally civilization-underpinning) strengths and contributions of autistic people are valued.

we deserve a world in which our needs are taken as seriously as allistic people's needs are.

ffs we deserve a world that just lets us do the shit we're good at so we don't have to suffer through allistic people fucking it up lmao

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