No sir not much going on here to report. It does not leave one with a lot to say on here but I felt like saying something so blehh

Infinite pattern infinite pattern infinite pattern

Seeing how others drew or painted my red haired woman with the horned mask, I couldn't wait longer to do a redraw myself. The original drawing was from August 2018.

#art #mastoart #ink #sketchbook #redhair #horns

Checking out this “Dark Side of the Ring” show. I’m semi obsessed with wrestling history although I pretty much never actually watch wrestling. So I’m into this immediately.

When I was a kid for my 9th birthday me and a bunch of my friends went and saw “Newsies” wow what a coooool birthday

I have managed to avoid an office visit for a while but looks like I gotta go in for a few hours today bleh bleh

if everyone is going to yell at me today then I'm leaving. oh wait....where am I going to go....

today is not going to let me finish watching this morning anime. :blobcatmelt3:


Algún sitio donde se puedan ver películas de terror viejas sobretodo #terror #movie #free #gratarola #horrormovies

has anyone ever watched suicide club? I just remembered ... at least one scene in it that I thought was absolutely amazing and want to rewatch it. It's been forever.

selfie, bed hair, working from home 

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selfie, bed hair, working from home 

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