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I spent a good chunk of the day writing a syllabus for a hypothetical class that I would like to teach some day instead of grading quizzes for the actual current class that I'm a reader/grader for. Sigh.

On the up side, I've got a full syllabus drawn up for a course on digital humanities (extendabe into digital projects in other fields too) that teaches Racket and Scribble, the command line, version control, and licensing to non programmers & culminating in creating their own digital projects

Morgan Lemmer-Webber @mlemweb

It includes extra credit if their final project contributes to an existing community outreach group, FOSS project, or to OER or the academic commons

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@mlemweb I had that in my syllabus when I was teaching. Students could get extra credit for participating in a variety of ways. I put a cap on the extra credit, but only had one student come close to hitting that.

@lufthans But man I'm sure you were so happy with that one student :)

@mlemweb Yeah, he was a sleeper agent. Turned out he helped put on a small, targeted tech conference.

Overall the credits led to some good conversations and awareness for my students