This week on @fossandcrafts we give a very brief introduction to Lisp!

We're also trying something new, we'll have a follow up to this episode at our next Hack & Craft where @cwebber will do an intro to Scheme tutorial!

@mlemweb when thinking about whether I can provide your episodes for convenient listening over Freenet, I just realized that you could give people the option to simply listen to all episodes with my small m3u-player :-) → — it’s just a playlist player @fossandcrafts @cwebber

@mlemweb @fossandcrafts @cwebber Curious about the "it wasm me" user group. Having difficulty finding it.

@faun @mlemweb @fossandcrafts I'm delighted that someone was interested enough to look it up though :)

@cwebber @mlemweb @fossandcrafts Heh, well I'll just say you should invite @neauoire and other uxn people to it. It sounds like something they might like

@cwebber @mlemweb @fossandcrafts I should probably explain what it is to @neauoire , they're arguing that wasm's textual representation is a lisp, and then trying to program using it.

@faun @mlemweb @fossandcrafts @neauoire Specifically, It WASM Me was a "usergroup" between a friend of mine and myself where we were meeting weekly to experiment with hand-writing webassembly programs.

@faun @cwebber @mlemweb @fossandcrafts Haha, I've done the same thing! Someone shared a paper a few weeks ago that shows how to use it to write a lambda calculus parser in plain wasm and I did the same thing ^^.

It's kind of impractical but it's fun nonetheless.

@mlemweb @fossandcrafts @cwebber TIL: how guix is pronounced

and I'm about as mad at it as i was at arxiv.

@cwebber @meena @mlemweb @fossandcrafts that was a file we tested sound configuration with, around 1997 ~ 1998 :)

@mlemweb @fossandcrafts @cwebber Great episode!
I was missing a mention to LFE as a cool and weird lisp! But really cool episode!!

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