That's DOCTOR Lemmer-Webber, thank you!

Just passed my dissertation defense!

@mlemweb it’s a huge step on the road towards whatever comes.


@mlemweb If i'm not mistaken you used some racket in your dissertation? I'm pretty sure if was mentioned in a podcast you two made.


Yes! I wrote my dissertation in scribble and we wrote some custom racket scripts for things like auto-generating my image list from a CSV and @cwebber wrote an ODT exporter for me :)

@mlemweb @cwebber
It's cool you two worked together on this one.
I help a bit to my sis on the programming side of her bsc and she enjoyes writing code.

But have some rest:)

Teamwork is the best, but it's good to have some well-earned rest :bunhdcomfysleep: !

@mlemweb Congratulations, I am happy to hear the good news! Is your thesis available online?


Not yet, I still have revisions to make, then I'll probably put a cc version online, then probably try to publish!

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