I made a quilt for our first baby nibling! Their nursery theme is based off of the Kirby video games

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The pixels don't really match the grid as well as I'd hoped, but all-in-all not too bad for my second quilt ever, especially since I finished it in less than a week!

@mlemweb much better than my second quilt! I love the concept. And you’ll have more chances to make quilts as they get bigger.


I'm glad it turned out ok in the end, there was definitely a point when one of those clouds was pinned to my finger and I just sat there with a cloud stuck to my hand thinking "I have no idea what I'm doing!"

I also know that by making a quilt for the first means that I'm committing to quilts for all of the subsequent niblings too, so plenty of time to improve :)

@mlemweb I found it really interesting to mentally reverse-construct as I looked at it!


Well, since I don't know what I'm doing, I probably didn't follow any established method. Kirby himself is patchwork 'pixels' but the background is zoomed out (from a pixel-art standpoint) so it's mostly just pieces with turned hems stacked on top of the sky fabric.


I also did the laziest top-stitching possible, but it does add to the pixelated appearance

@mlemweb it does! I have only made 2 pixelated quilts and they’re very hard to quilt. I did linda the second time.


Pixel-quilt seems so straight forward and easy in theory, then you start doing it and realize how unforgiving that grid is

@mlemweb “no too bad”, yep, not too bad! Looks great to me, nice.

@mlemweb Congrats on finishing the quilt and for the imminent nibling arrival.

@mlemweb Well done. Try and sew together Waddle Dee the next time.


Your avatar checks out ;)

Maybe Waddle Dee will be for their next kid

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