@cwebber and I noticed several common themes as we per-screened the talks, so I put together this handy bingo card for

Play along at home!

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@mlemweb what is the price when someone finds all of them with exemplary citations? :D @cwebber

@eest9 @cwebber

The satisfaction of watching a lot of really good talks and my admiration for attention to detail :P

@cj @cwebber

I mean, you're welcome to make more bingo cards, we had several more things we cut off the list :)

@mlemweb @cwebber It's totally fine, I appreciate this one much more!!! :D Thank you for your hard work.

@mlemweb @yuki alyssa and ben are the right names for activitypub, even if almost everything else uses alice and bob.

Alyssa and Ben are from SICP!

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