Announcing ActivityPub Conf 2020!

Following a successful inaugural conference in 2019, we have expanded APConf 2020 to a four day event that will occur entirely on line via Big Blue Button!

The CFP is open through July 8 at:

We invite proposals for birds of a feather topics and 30- 60 minute talks related to ActivityPub. Register online ( or feel free to email us with questions ( )

The conference dates are October 2nd - October 5th 2020

We'll try (to the extent that it's possible) to schedule sessions so that they're accessible to people internationally

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@mlemweb Are you part of the organization? I have no idea what a birds of a feather session is. (Just as feedback, I will just be a lurker.)


Hi! Yes, I'm one of the organizers. "Birds of a feather" sessions are basically like special interest groups within a conference. I.e. someone proposes "security on the fediverse" as a topic and everyone who is interested in that topic can attend that session and participate in a conversation about it. They are less formal and structured than pre-prepared talks.

@mlemweb Woo, I'm excited! Now that it's virtual I'll be able to attend this one :D

@mlemweb Hi,

I have built as an open-source, ActivityPub-compliant alternative to GoodReads. The objective is a bit different as it is meant for posting reviews on learning resources in all formats (books, courses, podcasts, newsletters, livestreams, apps etc).

Here is the issue where this development was completed:

I'm giving a talk about ActivityPub at GitCommitShow. Hoping to get a few developers to start contributing!

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