Me: "I wish I could make bone replicas of distaffs for dissertation research but am resigned to making ceramic replicas because that's what I know how to do"

@cwebber : "I just think that you can do anything craft related. You're a crafty superhero ... or supervillain"


For the record, my name (in either case) would be Quasillaria

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I may have to change my craft-powered superhero/villain name to Prunkrocken (Splendor distaff)

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@mlemweb @cwebber TIL: the italian word for distaff (… ) comes from german and is (unsurprisingly) not related to the other common meaning of the same word.


@valhalla @cwebber

It took me a whole day to find accurate translations for Rocken and Kunkel even though it was clear from context that they meant distaff (as in there were pictures of distaffs and the image summaries identified them as Rocken or Kunkel) because a distaff is an outdated technology and doesn't make the cut for most modern language dictionaries.

I now have a list of the words for spindle, spindle whorl, distaff, loom weight, etc in Latin, Italian, German, and French.

@mlemweb @cwebber and now I'm tempted to look at the authors of the spinning-related pages on wiktionary… :D
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