Conversation at breakfast
@cwebber : "Maybe I'll do docs today ... but the parts of the project that I've got done aren't a good place for a beginner to start reading docs and it might change ... so maybe I should wait to do docs"

Me: "My understanding of docs is that it's always best to write them as you write the code, that's what my programming tutor told me"

@cwebber: "... I did say that"

@mlemweb So I guess this is all to say, I'm writing Spritely Goblins docs today with my tail mildly between my legs

@cwebber @mlemweb yaaaay, documentation writing! Wooo!

*Trying to whip up a positive mood around writing docs*

@zatnosk @mlemweb Appreciated. I think they're pretty good so far... I'll post more soon.

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